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The funeral word means an honorary way to say goodbye to the deceased person. There are different caste and religion which influence one to choose the type of funeral service program for their near and dear ones. There are many types of funeral ceremonies that are used in western culture for providing honor to the life of someone who has been passed away. Most of the people are unaware of the different ways to remember their near and dear ones. In this segment, we will provide you details regarding funeral service program through which you can choose according to your costs, traditions and also on personal preferences, etc. This article will provide you with information regarding the types of funeral services. If you are searching for the funeral services near me, then you may get in touch with us by calling on our number available on the website. You can also schedule the funeral service times with our executives.

Some Religious Funeral Services

Muslim Funeral Services

Muslim funeral services offer religious, burial services from the beginning to the end including Ghusl and Salatul Janazah. Islamic international services provide overseas shipping service which is their specialty. The same way, we also offer the same service at a very reasonable cost. Muslim funeral services are arranged immediately after the death of the deceased person. The family of the deceased person will contact the local Islamic organization for help. In Muslim funeral services, generally the organ donation is acceptable but autopsies are prohibited, but on some occasion, these are still legal in the UK. Two important rituals in Muslim funeral service are Ghusl and Kafan. The deceased person is wrapped in Kafan fix with rope and are carried to the mosque. According to Muslim funeral services, the dead body should be buried immediately. Mourners can go to the courtyard, study room, or prayer room and can recite funeral prayers. Islamic leaders led the Muslim funeral services and they are known as imam. During Muslim funeral services, only men used to attend the burial process but now, some Muslim communities also allow women to be present during the burial process. If you are searching for funeral services near me, then you may contact us through this site as well as on our contact number. We will arrange favorable funeral service times according to your convenience.

Catholic Funeral Service

A Catholic funeral service program mainly consists of three main stages mentioned below:

  1. First is the reception of the body or you can say prayer vigil.It is usually arranged in the evening before the funeral. This ritual is popular but is also optional.
  2. A funeral mass or a funeral service without mass.
  3. Last is committal:This is the ritual which takes place at the cemetery or crematorium.

The above stages are quite popular among Catholic funeral services but at the same time, it’s not mandatory to follow as it will depend upon the family to family belief.

During the reception of the body, people related to the dead person are ready for prayer vigil near the coffin. This is one of the common as well as old rituals followed as Catholic funeral services. The deceased person body will be carried to their home or to the funeral home, and then to the church where the ritual carries with scripture readings, short sermon, and hymns. Then, the deceased person is moved to the burial or the crematorium for cremation. If your near one was religious or religion has been a big part of his life, then a Catholic funeral service program is the best one. If you are searching for the funeral services near me, then you may reach us on through the contact number provided on the website. According to your convenience, you may choose funeral service times. The church which encourages Catholic funeral services, they are also known as Requiem mass as it includes Holy Communion. If there are very few Catholic to attend the Catholic funeral service program of the deceased person, then the “funeral outside mass” is arranged as there is usually no holy communion. This ritual is similar to Requiem service

Dignity Funeral Service

Dignity funeral services provide a network for arranging funeral ceremonies across UK and also provides professionals and caring services to the families. We also provide the same type of services with reasonable rate. Dignity funeral services also help to calculate how much funeral services cost may cause and how much the cost can arise in the future. You are not required to pay anything extra if you have already paid for your funeral service plan. Dignity funeral services are the most trusted prearrange funerals and are also a member of the funeral planning authority providing added consolation and peace of mind to you. When you hear the name dignity, you can easily reassure about the quality of the company service. Dignity funeral services strive to set positive standards for funeral services, care, and facilities. It offers care and support to people during their most difficult time. There are various plans; Dignity funeral services provide the service which you may choose according to custom religion cost as per the requirement. We also offer the same service with compassion, respect and care and most importantly on very reasonable cost.

Dignity is one of the financial stable companies at whom you can trust. Dignity funeral services offer the largest operator for crematoriums in the UK with 45 locations throughout Britain. One of the great advantages of the prepaid amount you paid for the funeral to Dignity funeral services is that you can also get it back if you changed your mind with a minimal cancelation charge. We also offer the same services with the same benefits.  If you are searching for funeral services near me, then you can reach us by calling on our contact number available on the website. You can also arrange the funeral service program times according to your need.

Memorial Service

A funeral or memorial service is a moment to remember and give honor to the deceased person. It provides a special touch with the memorial service of your near ones like offering funeral flowers, photo slideshow, etc. If you are searching for funeral services near me, then you can rely on us by calling on our number available on the website. We will arrange the memorial service for you or for your near and dear ones. You can also arrange the funeral service program times too. A memorial service is prescribed for your beloved ones whatever the religion you follow.

Basic arrangements for the memorial service-

In this part, we have an overview regarding the basic arrangements over the memorial services related to the deceased person. We arrange each and everything for you at the time of your grief. If you are searching for the funeral services near me, then you may conveniently call on our contact number available on our website. Facilities to schedule the funeral service times can also be arranged by planning with our executives.

Funeral music

Funeral music should be something which is related to the deceased person like his favorite song, hymns, or songs which represent certain relationships to the deceased person.

Asking friends to perform

It’s a final tribute to the deceased person, where you can ask a musically talented friend to perform a song you choose for your beloved.

Hiring musicians

If music is a part of your life or of your beloved one, then you can also hire a band, soloists or musicians to perform at the memorial service of your dear one. With our best effort, we tried to bring the best Memorial arrangement that is prescribed above. If you are searching for the funeral services near me, then you may connect us by calling on our contact number available on the website. Arrangements to schedule the funeral service times can be discussed with us.

Average Funeral Cost
Increase in last 15 years 121%
Average Burial Cost
Increase in last 15 years 125%
Average Cremation Cost
Increase in last 15 years 116%

Cost of Basic Funeral Increased by almost

% in last 1 year

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